Replace meter gauge with broad gauge, says standing committee

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TrackThere were three types of railway tracks in Bangladesh, narrow gauge, meter gauge and broad gauge. These three types of tracks were placed during colonial era. Later narrow gauge tracks were replaced. But still Bangladesh railway is divided in two regions for meter gauge and broad gauge tracks.

Broad gauge carriages are larger and capable of carrying more passengers and goods. Trains can run faster on broad gauge tracks and it’s safer. Bangladesh has 660 kilometers of broad gauge tracks and 1,808 kilometers of meter gauge tracks.

Different types of tracks was a problem for railway connectivity between eastern and western part of the country. Later experts introduced mixed gauge track. Both meter gauge and broad gauge trains can ply on this track.

Considering the safety issue and train speed a parliamentary standing committee on ministry of railway has asked to replace meter gauge tracks with broad gauge. The committee has also asked the government to check whether it is possible to introduce traveler’s identity with rail tickets so that black marketing can be avoided.

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