How will farmers do farming if they do not get water?

Rising child mortality and declining life expectancy: Need for coordinated health care measures

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The Bureau of Statistics publishes 'vital statistics' every year, which give a picture of the overall health of the country's people, including births, deaths, life expectancy and marriages. According to the report, the estimated population of the country on July 1, 2023 was 172,920,000.

No one can deny that Bangladesh has made significant progress in socio-economic and human resource development in the 53 years since its independence. Policy makers continue to highlight the fact that healthcare has reached remote areas under the current government. At the same time, it is also true that in many cases we did not get success. But it is not normal to retreat from what has been achieved. We believe it is important to ascertain whether there has been any negligence on the part of the organizations and individuals responsible.

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