Robbery during city factory, house

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A squad of criminals allegedly attacked money as good as personal property value around Tk 4 crore from a bureau as good as a residence after violence a bureau owners in a city’s Badda area upon Thursday evening.

Quamrul Ullah, 49, owners of a cosmetic association Enjoy, was certified to Dhaka Medical College Hospital early yesterday.

Quamrul, who was alone during home during a robbery, pronounced fifteen to twenty group entered a residence around 5:00pm as good as forcibly took him to a field, around a singular kilometre away.

They cramped him to a room for 4 hours as good as again kick him. They additionally forced him to pointer upon a vacant paper, he added.

When they let him go, he returned home to find all a seat as good as personal property of a residence as good as his factory, diagonally opposite to a house, missing, together with Tk twenty-nine lakh in cash, he said.

He pronounced a bureau was sealed which day.

Officer-in-Charge Mahabubur Rahman of Badda Police Station pronounced 3 people were arrested after Quamrul filed a box in this connection.

Quamrul sole a residence to an Australia ostracise Mizanur Rahman for Tk 75 lakh in 2006 as good as was vital as a tenant. He longed for to buy it behind for Tk a singular crore though Mizanur was not agreeing, formulating tragedy in in in between a two, he added.

Quamrul claimed which he paid Quamrul Tk nineteen lakh in allege to buy a residence final year as good as purported which Mizanur’s associates were endangered with a robbery.

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