'Rust' armorer found guilty in fatal shooting on set

'Rust' armorer found guilty in fatal shooting on set

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Morrissey said, “He left the gun in the church, which is against all industry standards for weapons on a film set.”

“As you've heard from multiple witnesses, she left guns unattended all the time. There was nothing unusual about October 21,” the day of the fatal shooting.

Hutchins, who was 42 at the time of her death and the mother of a young child, was standing near the camera that was to be used to film the scene.

The bullet passed through his chest and hit director Souza. Hutchins was airlifted to a hospital but was pronounced dead that day due to massive bleeding. Investigators found a total of six live rounds on the set.

Gutierrez did not perform basic checks to ensure that the dummy rounds she was loading into the guns were inert, Morrissey said, including shaking them to hear their distinctive rattle.

He told the jury, “Guys, if she's not checking the dummy ammunition… to make sure that those rounds… are actually dummy rounds, then it was a game of Russian roulette, when Even any actor had a gun.

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