Scarce fuel supplies enter Gaza as Israel escalates attacks

Scarce fuel supplies enter Gaza as Israel escalates attacks

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There were also fresh shootings along Israel’s border with Lebanon, which the Israeli military warned could drag the Islamist movement and Hamas ally Hezbollah into a war.

On a visit to troops near the Israeli-Lebanese border, Netanyahu said it would be “the mistake of his life” if Hezbollah started a war with Israel.

Netanyahu said, “We will attack him with a force that he cannot even imagine and that will have a magnitude that is devastating to the state of Lebanon.”

Western leaders have warned Hezbollah against intervening in the conflict, but the group’s number two has said it is ready to step up involvement.

Israel has evacuated dozens of northern communities, and about 4,000 people in Lebanon have fled border areas for the southern city of Tyre.
‘Brothers, wait!’

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said Saturday that he has increased US military preparedness in the Middle East.

The Pentagon said the move was aimed at protecting US ally Israel amid “escalation by Iran” and its proxies across the region.

It also said it was notifying additional troops “to be on standby for deployment orders,” without specifying how many or when they might be sent.

The ground offensive poses myriad challenges for Israeli troops, who may face dangerous Hamas traps and mines.

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