School students’ protest on caning

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Did you ever experience caning in school life? Perhaps the answer is yes. But did you ever thought to mutiny? Some today’s school students mutinied against their teachers.   Class nine students of Palisha high school at Mothergonj demonstrated and rallied after caning by one of their teacher at class room yesterday. The students also blockaded the headmaster’s room for three hours; finally police had to interfere to calm down the situation.

It is alleged that all the students of the class was canned by their class teacher and the order was issued by the headmaster. Someone broke an old and unhygienic pitcher which was kept in the class room to keep drinking water.

Some students in condition of anonymity said that many students are severely injured by the caning. Physical punishment in banned in Bangladeshi schools but many teachers and guardians still believe that physical punishment is the most effective way to teach students.

Assistant headmaster of the school blamed some outsiders who deliberate fueled the students.

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Shihab Uddin Ahmed

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