SEO-friendly meta title: Government initiative to address energy crisis in industries

SEO-friendly meta title: Government initiative to address energy crisis in industries

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According to government estimates, the demand for natural gas by the financial year 2024-2025 will be 5,079 million cubic feet per day, which is about six percent more than the current demand.

LNG is already being imported to meet the country’s growing demand with dwindling gas reserves and increasing economic activity.

However, if import dependence continues as at present, the cost of energy imports will be US$24 to US$30 billion by 2030. In such a situation, the FBCCI President drew the attention of the government to reduce oil and gas based power generation and take such steps. Towards coal and renewable energy generation as an alternative.

Jashim said there is an urgent need to research the feasibility of extracting local energy from various sources, especially water and land. “In this regard, we can use the experience of Vietnam, Indonesia and Cambodia.”

Mustafa Azad Chowdhary Babu, Senior Vice President, FBCCI said, “The government needs to take a politically bold decision to extract coal from the coal mines found in the Rangpur region. If necessary, the population of the area adjacent to the mine should be rehabilitated and mining should be done on a large scale there. This will reduce the pressure of energy crisis in the country.

Participating in the seminar, Dr. Mohd. Khairuzzaman Mazumdar, Secretary, Energy and Mineral Resources Division and Mohd. Shoaib, Managing Director, Bangladesh Petroleum Exploration and Production Company Ltd. (Bapex) reviewed the ongoing operations and plans of their respective organizations to ensure Highlighted information. energy security.

In the seminar, Prof. Dr. Badrul Imam, Department of Geology, University of Dhaka (DU) presented a paper on Energy Potential and Potential Actions of Bangladesh.

FBCCI Vice President Mohd Amin Helali, FBCCI Directors, DCCI President Barrister Mohd Samir Sattar, Geological Survey of Bangladesh Director Mohd Abdul Aziz Patwari along with energy experts and business leaders participated in the seminar.

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