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Seven hundred crore taka allocated for movie theaters

Bangladeshi movie theaters have been going through a difficult time in the last few decades. Theaters have been shutting down one after another. Presently only seventy movie theaters are functioning in the country. Some analysts say, during the corona pandemic, the number of movie theaters may be even lower than fifty.

Many people working for theaters have lost their jobs, filmmakers have been losing ground because of shrinking theaters. In this situation, the Bangladesh government has decided to allocate seven hundred crore taka for movie theaters. It will be a long term low-interest loan for movie theater owners. This money will be allocated from treasury to several banks with the supervision of the central bank.

Film producers and theater owners have appreciated this move from the government. They said this money will help to renovate existing movie theaters and reopen theaters closed in the last ten to fifteen years. Eventually, this will boost the Bangladeshi film industry and help to come back strongly.

Some theater owners have appealed for direct financial assistance instead of low interest lone. Because many theater owners are almost bankrupt because of the present Covid-19 pandemic.

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