Shabana Azmi at Dhaka

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Famous film personality Shabana Azmi has come Dhaka to inaugurate the solo art exhibition named ‘Joy Bangla’ of artist Shahabuddin recently. Shabana felt her tears standing in front of the painting. “The application and the significance of an art always try to build up a nation. The deep human application of Shahabuddin’s artwork made me emotional” Shabana said. “I am a small person who doesn’t have enough idea on art. But the coordination and the speed touched me.” She  added at the Dhaka Bengal gallery after inaugurating the exhibition. Shabana come directly from Durban to attend this program after being invited here. She said, “it is coming for the call of art. I would not understand what I was going to loose if I didn’t come here. A society can be changed through the artwork.” She also emphasized art to  some touch full matters like human rights, AIDS, child labor and climate change.

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