Shaina Amin portrays strong, independent working woman

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2011-08-07__art03A single-episode TV play “Shadharon Gyaan” will be aired at 9:10pm on RTV on the fourth day of Eid-ul-Azha. The play stars Shaina Amin and Mosharraf Karim in the lead roles.

The plot of the story revolves around Shaina Amin as Sara, a progressive thinker who works for a multi national company in the capital. She lives alone in an apartment, rides a scooter, and lives an apparent good live.

In the course of the story, Sara has to deal with her boyfriend Afzal’s restrictions regarding her lifestyle. She breaks-up her relationship with him, and then faces many obstacles with other men as well – from her boss to a retailer, a CNG driver, a lift-man, among many others. Whenever Sara gets involved in a conflict, she sees Afzal as a reflection of that behaviour.

“Shadharon Gyan” is the story of how Sara deals with her conflicts with society, and whether she prvails in this struggle.

Mosharraf Karim plays the character of Afzal – a representation of the patriarchal mentality of our society.


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