Shakib Khan Numero Uno

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Shakib Khan, right away a tip paid actor, manners a Bangladeshi film attention with his successive successes. Now a “Number One” favourite is cementing his stay during a climb of a film business. Every upazila of a republic has during slightest a single film entertainment which showcases a Shakib Khan film during any since time, creation him a many renouned actress of a country.

Shakib’s float to success began four/five years ago. Since then, his signing volume has defied sobriety — jumping from Taka 8 lakh per film to a whopping Taka 35 lakh. In actuality many producers destroy to pointer him on, as a star has a heavily requisitioned inform which extends as prolonged as a year.

Movie drama owners have unanimously crowned Shakib as a tip favorite, observant which it is his cinema which have kept a traffic alive as great as running.

Shakib’s climb has been an result of a actor’s loyalty to his work. He stays for prolonged hours during a sets, fulfilling his commitments to a film makers.

Half a dozen cinema showcasing Shakib Khan have been right away in a pipeline. “Mon-er Jala”, destined by Malek Afsari, is heading a race, following a Censor Board approval. Produced by Taposhi Thakur, a film will see Opu Biswas starring conflicting Shakib. Other cinema which await recover have been Sohanur Rahman Sohan’s “Koti Takar Prem”, Nur Hossain Bolai’s “Opomaner Jala”, Shah Alam Kiron’s “Ekbar Bolo Bhalobashi” as great as PA Kajal’s “Bhalobasha Aajkal”. Opu Biswas plays conflicting Shakib in 3 of a movies; Purnima in dual as great as Koli appears in a alternative movie.

Meanwhile, a single of Shakib’s ultimate drive-in theatre is Chashi Nazrul Islam’s “Debdas”, where he’ll be enactment a pretension role. Shakib says a purpose will be a turning point in his hold up as great as expresses a goal which a assembly will come out in outrageous numbers to perspective a film.

The actress says which a adore of a assembly as great as God’s blessings have helped him have it to a top. Asked about his grant in bringing a assembly during a back of to a film theatres, Shakib pronounced which of late some-more family groups have been opting for a china shade experience. This was unthinkable a integrate of years ago, Shakib says, adding which larger clarity of certainty has speedy people to go to a movies.

The artless actress adds which it’s not customarily his coming which creates his cinema hits, yet a peculiarity of a films. He denies which a mainstream film attention depends upon him, reporting which common gratification of a actors, producers, directors has done for a splendid film scene.

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