Simple incident creates tension among Dhaka College and Dhaka University students

nilkhetImran is a student of Economics of Dhaka University. He is staying at Sir A F Rahman Hall of Dhaka University. He went to take is dinner to a restaurant of Nilkhet area last night. He is an activist of Chatraleague which is the student wing of the ruling party.

At that time several other students of Dhaka College was eating at same restaurant. There was altercation and at one stage Dhaka College students beat Imran. Knowing the incident some Dhaka University students reached there with sticks to take revenge.

As Imran is a Chatraleague activist, Chatraleague top leaders of the university intervened and calmed down the students; no serious unwanted consequence occurred.

Nilkhet area is adjacent to several educational institutes for higher education including Dhaka University, Dhaka Medical College, BUET, Eden College, Home Economics College, and Dhaka College. So, students of these institutes frequently visit Nilkhet market area to buy books and other necessary items.

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