Social networking sites may be stopped.

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In general the western world speaks for freedom of speech; they advocate for freedom of people, they lecture the third world to do so. In their words people’s voice should never be stopped. They are very critical of China. They say the Chinese government is controlling the internet.

Social networking sites like facebook and twitter was blocked by the Egyptian government during the recent antigovernment protest which ousted Mubarak. The western world also criticized the Egyptian government that time.

Let’s look on the recent crisis in Britain. The British government says it was looting by some opportunists. But many say, this was the expression of grievances of the deprived citizens. Most of them are black or from Asian origin. Year after year gone the British government ignored them. This recent riot started when a black young was killed by the English police.

Many were engaged only in violent protests and many were involved in looting. But the government is only considering the looting issue.

The protesters used social networking sites, blackberry messaging service to gather people in a particular place.

Now the British prime minister opines that government should consider stopping these social networking sites temporarily if this type of situation occurs again.

Now who will lecture them that people’s voice should never be stopped?

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