Spoiler: Greying Ranbir is Barfi’s big secret

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The creators of Ranbir Kapoor’s new ad for a mobile company have copied Kapoor’s well-guarded look from the unreleased film Barfi. The director of the film, Anurag Basu hopping mad as preempts the film’s big surprise element.

Ranbir’s look, with the wispy white hair, moustache, large spectacles, baggy trousers, stiff body, is very much the fiercely-guarded looks in Barfi.

Basu confirmed the news, saying, “I was at the airport when I first caught a glimpse of Ranbir and that too on mute. I was shocked. I thought someone had put Barfi’s first look without my knowledge!”

Basu says he made some frantic calls, and was told that it was an ad. “I caught the complete ad later and was taken aback with what I saw. Ranbir’s getup in the TV ad is almost identical to that of his old-age look in Barfi!. I was disappointed.

What can I say and what can I do? We had really taken a lot of pain to guard his look and keep it under wraps. But I guess it had to happen this way. So it’s fine now.”

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