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orchitaOrchita Sporshia is very busy playing roles on television. She’s playing the youngest daughter of a family in Ali Fida Karim’s series “Family Pack,” which is aired on NTV every Monday and Tuesday.

About her experience of switching characters she said: “I would be bored to portray my own character on screen. When a character is provided to me that differs with me in many ways, then I really enjoy playing the character.” “I feel good when I get chance to portray a character which contains acting aspects,” she added.

The story of “Family Pack” revolves around seven siblings with a nosy father playing the villain in their lives. The siblings are always queasy about their father’s activities, while their mother is disturbed by the twists and turns of their shared life. Suddenly, the father declares that he will marry them all off within three moths.

The youngest member of the family is Purni, played by Sporshia, a careless type girl who lives in her own world and beyond her world everything seems fun to her.

About her role in the serial Sporshia said: “Every member of the family represents an unusual individual – these characters make this serial interesting. Its a fantastic story. We have a lot of fun while shooting, and Tozo bhai is an extraordinary director.”

She has wrapped up her other projects except “Family Pack,” and now she is taking a pause to prepare herself for next months shooting of the second season of “Ujan Ganger Naiya,” a BBC Media Action produced family drama. About acting in the drama she said “Though ‘Ujan Ganger Naiya’ is a drama serial, but the treatment, and effort the team invests makes it feel like we are acting in a cinema. The team researches and rehearses before the shooting, and acting in it has been an exquisite experience for me.”

Recently, she has acted in another family drama “Bindu Bisorgo,” directeed by Animesh Aich, which will be aired shortly. In the drama she plays a calm, generous, and responsible girl who holds the family together and her primal object of life is to take care of the family.

About acting in film, the 24 year old actor said: “I think acting in cinemas is a big thing. I need time to prepare myself for this. I will definitely act in cinemas, and when I will start acting in cinemas, I will drop small screen acting.”

source:dhaka tribune

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