Sri Lanka’s Civil War Panel Flawed

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Latest Amnesty International report says the government’s investigation into Sri Lanka’s bloody civil war was flawed at every possible level to distort facts. There was no accountability for atrocities and war crimes committed by Sri Lankan armed forces and Tamil Tiger rebels. The Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) set up by the government purposefully avoided all allegations of war crimes. Sri Lankan also dismissed the suggestion of an international inquiry into the closing stages of the conflict as a senseless waste of time. The Tamil Tigers were finally defeated in 2009 and ended their two-decade long separatist conflict. In the twilight of the bloody war, there were claims of atrocious crimes committed by Sri Lankan soldiers. Videos of government troopers shooting captured prisoners are available on Youtube. Yet the Sri Lankan government is firm in its stance that its forces behaved with complete discipline and never engaged in barbarous acts against civilians or the rebel forces. Amnesty’s Asia Pacific Director Sam Zarifi said the commission lobbies against calls for an independent inquiry and has failed to deliver justice.

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