Strike on Dhaka-Tangail route also

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Following Dhaka-Mymensingh route, the bus owners of Dhaka-Tangail route also declared strike for indefinite period. After the liberation in 1971 the country has very little achievement. The railway sector is destroyed. But the road transport sector is one of the few sectors which boomed during this time. Many experts say the country can really be proud of its road sector. Rivers are spread like net in the country so extension of road network was not easy; a lot of bridges and culverts were constructed.

But now the conditions of the highways are a shame for the nation. Regular maintenance is ignored as a result many of the roads and highways are totally unusable.
Leaders of bus owners’ association say they are facing financial lose because valuable parts are damaging so frequently due to the condition of the road. Moreover the roads are becoming so dangerous for the passengers. Recent day’s heavy rain created more ruts and potholes in the highways.

Yesterday was the third day of strike called by the bus owners of Dhaka-Mymensingh route and the bus owners of Dhaka-Tangail route declared they will start their strike from today. they say normally it take two hours to go from Dhaka to Tangail, but now it takes up to eight hours due the deteriorated condition of the highway.

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