Study shows kids eat more when bored

Study shows kids eat more when bored

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“If children are eating this many calories during a laboratory-induced boredom event (a four-minute period), Stone said, given that boredom is a commonly experienced emotion in children, then in response to There is a possibility of excess calorie intake.” Getting bored in a day, a week or a year is potentially very significant in an environment with abundant food.”

Previous studies on what may influence eating behavior in children have been based on questionnaires, which grouped together all negative moods, including sadness, anger and anxiety.

Boredom can be easily identified, and can usually be easily corrected, so helping parents deal with children’s boredom without using food is a potential aid in reducing less healthy snacking. There will be a way.

Stone emphasizes that the experience of boredom is important in the development of children’s sense of self and creativity, so it is not recommended that children avoid being bored.

Instead, she suggests that children need to learn to experience boredom without turning to food and that parents can try to divert their child’s attention from food or reorganize the home meal environment when they feel bored. Can be done so that children are less likely to turn to food. Bored.

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