Sufferings of home bound people

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Eid-Ul-Fitr is the largest Muslim festival. As majority of Bangladeshis are Muslim, Eid-Ul-Fitr became the largest festival of the country. Tens of thousands of people leave Dhaka every year to celebrate Eid with their family. Especially this year the service holders have got ten day long vacation. So, more people are interested to leave Dhaka.

But this has become a nightmare for the passengers. There is longstanding complain that the roads and highways of the country are not ready to take the pressure of home rush. Many highways are gridlocked due to traffic jam. Buses are failing to maintain the schedule.

Bangladesh railway does not have enough engines to run train services properly. Moreover the recent case of derailment of a train at Rajshahi has worsened the situation. Most of the trains are reaching the station at late. Some trains were late up to four hours.

Earlier the state minister of Railway said the government will not allow travelling on train roofs this year as it is very risky. But there seems no effect of the statement. Railway is operating some special trains but this seems not enough to meet the need.

Not only train, but also the launches are traveling with overloaded passengers defying the government order, not to allow passengers on top deck. Loss of life is so common during the festival. But nothing can bar people. They are desperate to spend the Eid vacation with family.

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