Sundarban converse its Biodiversity

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Sundarbans, the largest mangrove forest in the world, need a pragmatic research to explore and conserve its existing biodiversity and other valuable resources in the wake of changing climate caused by global warming.

Biologists and other researchers concerned made this observation while conducting a ground level study at different points of the vast forest recently.

More than 20 post-graduate level students of Zoology
Department of Rajshahi University and Fisheries and Marine
Resource Technology Discipline of Khulna University made the

The research on identifying adaptive capacity would give a
clue to the suitability of species in terms of moderate and high
saline and drought environments, which will ultimately be
cultured by the affected people for their livelihood outside the

DFID under its Development Partnerships in Higher Education
(round-4) Project supported the study aimed at capacity building
to address the impact of climate change in Bangladesh and Ghana
with special reference to conservation of saline and drought
tolerant species.


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