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Surtirtha’s loyalty to Ustad Nirod Baran Barua

Music enthusiasts of the pier city attended the exemplary song programme upon Thursday evening, during Theatre Institute, Chittagong (TIC) in the city.

Through the event, Surtirtha, an organization operative upon exemplary music, paid loyalty to song guru Ustad Nirod Baran Barua.

Noted thespian as good as exemplary song clergyman (at Chhayanaut) Anup Barua; Nakshi Sarkar Tinni; Rishu Talukdar as good as Shyamal Dutta achieved during the programme.

Suratirtha Principal Ustad Nirmalendu Chowdhury quickly spoke upon the hold up of Ustad Nirod Baran Barua. Gautam Chowdhury emceed the programme.

The programme proposed with the delivery of Raga Kalabati (on bilambit ektaal) by Nakshi Sarkar Tinni. This was followed by the short Khayal upon tritaal. Utpal Dey accompanied the vocalist upon tabla.

Rishu Talukdar achieved the Khayal upon Raga Arana. The bandish was “Ghagari Morey”. Ratan Kumar Dutta supposing good instrumental outcome upon tabla.

Syamal Dutta proposed his opening with the bandish “Piyu Piyu Birahi” upon Raga Lalit. His confidant delivery as good as authority upon the records were outstanding.

Anup Barua, the footman of Ustad Nirad Baran Barua, preoccupied the assembly with his soulful rendition. He began with the Khayal upon Raga Behag. The opening upon bilambit ektaal, as good as after tritaal, was outstanding. Seasoned tabla player Pinu Sen Das accompanied Anup.

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