Stocks lapse from losses

Stocks returned to a black yesterday as institutional investors used low prices as a shopping opportunity. The benchmark General Index, DGEN, a indicator of Dhaka Stock Exchange, sealed during 4,345.01 points, after gaining 60.49 points or 1.41 percent. Market analysts pronounced institutional investors pulled up a market. The marketplace proposed upon a disastrous note as […]

Stocks climb upon latest hopes

Stocks returned to a black yesterday buoyed by hopes which certain measures would arise from an puncture assembly in in between a regulator as good as marketplace stakeholders. The benchmark General Index of Dhaka Stock Exchange sealed during 4,286.11 points, after adding 2.46 percent or 1.3.04 points. The Securities as good as Exchange Commission sits […]

Stocks lapse from losses

Stocks returned to a black yesterday, with turnover mountainous to a six-week high. The benchmark General Index, a thirty-six-inch ruler of Dhaka Stock Exchange,  went up 67.60 points or 1.27 percent, to 5,401.03 during a 3pm close. The marketplace non-stop with common irresolution as good as gained some-more than 45 points in a initial traffic […]

Stocks trip behind in to a red

Stocks returned to a red after 4 days of gains as investors went for sell-offs yesterday. The benchmark ubiquitous index of Dhaka Stock Exchange edged down 89 points, or 1.6 percent, to tighten during 5,668 points. The resourceful categories index of Chittagong Stock Exchange declined 155 points, or 1.5 percent, to 10,155 points. Investors sole […]