Ghazipur’s rivers: Turag and Lobondoho pollution crisis exposed. Exclusive Interview with the Chairman of River Foundation

prothom hello , How many pollution points have you discovered in Ghazipur? Monir Hussain: According to my study, there are 19 rivers in Ghazipur. These are Turag, Chilai, Lobondoho, Balu, Shitlakkha, Old Brahmaputra, Khiro, Paruli, Shuti, Banar, Nagda, Lauhajong, Bangshi, Shaldaho, Shutia, Gollar, Naljuri, Konai and Tongi rivers. In fact there may be more. Of […]

Prime Minister Hasina ordered the renovation of rivers and canals in Dhaka and surrounding areas. Breaking News

Highlighting various steps taken by his Government over the years to prevent river pollution, encroachment and restore navigability, the Prime Minister said, after coming to power, he has always focused on protecting rivers and restoring their navigability. Tried to. Stating that unplanned low height bridges have created obstacles in navigation, he said that these bridges […]

How decreasing water flow and rising atmospheric temperatures are set to heat our rivers: study

A new study has revealed that our rivers are warming due to reduced water flow and rising atmospheric temperatures, posing major challenges to aquatic life, ecosystems and society. The study was published in the journal ‘Hydrological Processes’. Water temperature is an important control for all physical, chemical and biological processes in rivers. This is especially […]

River Police to ensure security on waterways during Eid

He expressed hope that an accident-free and safe Eid Yatra would be possible if all, including public and private organizations related to boats and waterways, service-seekers and naval police, work together. Apart from this, he also gave some instructions including preventing carrying extra passengers in launches, preventing carrying passengers in small and faulty launches, provision […]