Russia considering early return of space station crew after Soyuz capsule leak

14 leak prompted mission controllers in Moscow to call off the spacewalk as a live NASA webcast showed a flurry of snowflake-like particles erupting from behind the Soyuz spacecraft. The leak lasted for hours and emptied the radiator of the coolant used to control the temperature inside the spacecraft’s crew compartment. NASA has said that […]

Chile’s ALMA observatory resumes operations after cyber attack

The cyberattack forced the suspension of astronomical observations, left the observatory with limited email services, and took its website offline. “Computing staff took immediate countermeasures to avoid loss and damage to scientific data and IT infrastructure,” said the ALMA statement, which made no mention of the author of the attack. Chilean police are investigating the […]

NASA’s Orion capsule splashes down after record-setting lunar journey

Recovering the spacecraft will allow NASA to collect important data for future missions. This includes information about the vessel’s position after flight, data from monitors that measure acceleration and vibration, and a mannequin in the capsule to test how to protect people from radiation while flying through space. is applied. Some capsule components should be […]

Drugs Become Less Functioning In Space

Astronauts on long space missions cannot afford to rely on drugs as some recent studies represent the view that drugs like paracetamol and antibiotics lose their effectiveness in space. Johnson Space Centre’s Scientists have shown the rapidly declining effectiveness of drugs in space. One of the reasons may be the way of preservation that our […]