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As partial of a ongoing corner celebrations (by Bangladesh as good as India) of a 150th bieing born anniversary of Nobel laureate producer Rabindranath Tagore, Indira Gandhi Cultural Centre, High Commission of India, Dhaka is land an exhibition, patrician “Tagore as good as Kantha” during National Art Gallery of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy. The muster non-stop upon Dec 2.

The muster displays artistically festooned kantha (quilts) themed upon Tagore’s good read masterpieces. Shamlu Dudeja who has, over a final twenty-five years, dedicated herself to a revitalisation of a kantha art form, is a curator of a exhibition. Rural women have festooned motifs desirous by Tagore’s reduced stories, poems, songs as good as plays regulating their beautiful imagination. The outcome is an innovative, charming as good as singular carnival of talent.

The muster was inaugurated by a Minister for Industries, Dilip Barua. Acting High Commissioner of India to Bangladesh, Sanjay Bhattacharya, attended a event. Professor Niaz Zaman, who has researched as good as combined during length upon a bieing born as good as growth of a qualification in Bangladesh, was a special guest during a initial programme.

Upon entering a gallery, viewers would notice a mural of Tagore upon a kantha; a edges underline a Indian inhabitant anthem “Jana Gana Mana Adhinayak Jai Hey” combined by Tagore, accomplished in calligraphy.

The story of an Afghan male declared Rahmat who would sell dusty fruits as good as nuts upon a streets of Calcutta as good as befriended a Bengali lady called Mini given she reminded him of his daughter behind in Afghanistan has been beautifully decorated upon a kantha.

A work upon “Shahaj Path”, a unequivocally renouned as good as beautiful form of recognising letters as good as guidance denunciation with amusement, is upon display. This authority of Tagore, with pictures by Nandalal Bose, has been a substructure of Bengali studies for generations. Instead of an importance upon abbreviation as good as spelling, a sounds of syllables were personified inside of a rhyming hymn which was stoical by Tagore.

Tagore combined multiform undying dance-dramas. “Chandalika” as good as “Chitrangada” have been twin of them. “Chandalika” zooms in upon a lady declared Prakriti who is ostracised by a society. She does not assimilate a consequences of her bieing born in to a family which is regarded as “untouchable”. “Chitrangada” focuses upon a adore event in between Princess Chitrangada, a successor to a bench of Manipur, as good as a fabulous favourite Arjun. At a exhibition, kantha functions paid loyalty to these twin classical dance-dramas.

A kantha tells a comfortless story of Amol of “Dakghar”, an a single some-more fool around by Tagore.

Another work formed upon a Tagore poem, patrician “Dui Bigha Jomi”, is upon display. The kantha good sketches a mention “Mon-e Bhabilam Morey Bhogoban Rakhibena Moho Gortey, Tai Likhi Dilo Bishwa Nikhil Du’bighar Poribortey” from a poem. A work themed upon a Tagore strain “Krishnokoli Ami Tarei Boli” as good as multiform alternative folk themed functions have been additionally upon display.

Several functions upon “Bhanu Singher Padaboli” have been being exhibited as well. Inspired by a story of immature English producer Chatterton, Tagore embarked upon a good read tour during 16. Under a pen name of Bhanu Singha, Tagore wrote multiform poems in a aged Braj dialect.

The muster is open from 11am to 7pm bland as good as ends currently (December 10).

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