Taka shortage disrupts power supply in Bangladesh

Taka shortage disrupts power supply in Bangladesh

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The required quantity of electricity cannot be produced and supplied as a result of which a large part of the country is regularly out of Dhaka.

Since the Bangladesh Power Development Board is unable to clear the dues of most of the power plants, they (power plants) cannot buy enough fuel due to paucity of funds. As a result, these power plants are unable to generate electricity.

The country has the potential to generate more than 24,000 MW of power against a demand of 14000-16000 MW.

But the powerplants are unable to generate 14000-16000 MW of electricity.

In addition, mismanagement and wastage is rampant.

According to the agreements, the Bangladesh Power Development Board buys the power of all power plants and then sells it to the power distribution company at a wholesale price, which has doubled compared to the previous year.

Nevertheless, the government provides subsidies to meet the deficit in the power sector. According to sources in the Power Division, the Ministry of Finance owes BPDB Taka 280 billion as of April.

Since the allocation of subsidies is not regularly distributed, BPDB owes the power plants 250 billion taka.

Meanwhile, the BPDB demands 50-60 billion taka from the Finance Division every month.

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