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Writer Taslima Nasreen busy with Twitter

Taslima Nasreen is very busy with her twitter activities. She is communicating with her fans through twitter. She is sharing her different kind of experiences in twitter. Lets see some of her conversation and status written in twitter recently.

@mahfuzpress Hope it will be in my lifetime.
@doctoratlarge Middle class get pleasure with this rough foreplay. If they squeezed nation’s balls, then you could see the difference
#Everyone, even Muslims are scared of ”Muslim-sentiments”. Authorities take more care of this sentiments than nuclear bombs.
# I am curious to know who should get more offended by Modi Cartoon — Mohamed-supporters or Modi-supporters!
#Husband should leave parents, like wife leave parents.They should start a new life together on their own.
# There’re no words of ‘supernatural’ coming from sky; its the words coming from us.The biggest illusion on earth is working
# Lajja was a docu-novel.I was thrown out of BD for writing other books on women’s rights in which Islam was criticized.
# If I say the rich are enjoying or the poor are suffering,you wouldn’t say ‘Not all rich are enjoying or not all poor are suffering.
# There are good men in the world who don’t take dowry, they don’t harass, exploit, abuse, kill women.

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