Ten years of imprisonment for hacking

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Is hacking a crime? Is it a punishable offense? Many government agencies in the world practice hacking. They hack their opposition’s web site, they disable the web sites, steal important information form opponent computer network.

Few months ago there was a news that US and Israeli agencies used computer various to disable the computer network of Iran’s nuclear project.

Earlier this year some Indian hackers hacked some Bangladeshi web sites and then some Bangladeshi hackers hacked some Indian web sites including the web site of Indian border security force, BSF.

But hacking techniques may be used to breach privacy.

Conversation between justice Nizamul Haque and expatriate legal expert Ahmed is leaked recently. IT experts are suspecting that their Skype account may have been hacked.

Legal experts are arguing that it is clearly contempt of court. Only six months imprisonment is applicable if convicted. But punishment for breaching privacy by hacking is ten years of imprisonment.

So precaution is required for Skype users. Experts have advised the users not to open e-mail form unknown person.

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Shihab Uddin Ahmed

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