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Flight cadet Rashedul was brought back to Dhaka from India yesterday. An Indian Air Force aircraft flew him back. Cadet Rashedul took off with a training aircraft from Jeessore air base. It was his first flying without a trainer. But he was confused by bad weather. Control tower lost him. More jets took off to find him. But they failed. Some hours later Rashed managed to communicate with control tower again and he said he needs emergency landing.

He though he is landing in Bangladeshi soil. But after landing he came to understand that it was India. Though he was not injured but one of the wings of the aircraft is ruptured.

That aircraft is still Indian hand. The officials said negotiation is going on and that will be brought back soon. It is reported that cadet Rashed was entertained properly and at first he was in the custody of Indian local police. 2 Indian air force officer and 7 soldiers were with him when the Indian aircraft landed at Dhaka.

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