The elegance of folk dance

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Shadhona (Centre for Advancement of South Asian Culture) hold a 9th complement of their bi-monthly dance programme “Nupur Bejey Jaye” during a categorical assembly house of Chhayanaut in Dhanmondi, Dhaka upon July14. Artistes from a troupes — Kalpotoru as great as Dhriti — additionally achieved during a event.

Under a title, “Banglar Nritya”, a uncover primarily featured a old folk dances of a country. Choreographed by Amit Chowdhury, artistes of Dhriti kicked off a eventuality with “Krishnakala”. A lathikhela (dancing with sticks) opening by students of Kalpotoru followed. Sabbir Ahmed Khan Biju choreographed a piece.

Choreographed by Amit Chowdhury, a Santali dance to a balance “Laal Paharer Desh-e Ja” was achieved by Eti, Mohona as great as Himu of Shadhona. Tahmina Anwar Anika staged a energetic dance to a Shah Abdul Karim strain Maya Lagaichhey”. Another choreography by Amit, set to a Santali balance “Chandra Jagichhey”, was presented by students of Dhriti.

Shammi Aktar danced to a Bhawaiya array “O Mui Na Shono”. The dance was choreographed by Arpita Shome. Eti, Mohona as great as Himu, along with artistes of Kalpotoru, achieved a marriage dance which was choreographed by Biju.

Featuring her own choreography, Arpita Shome brilliantly danced to a ever-popular folk strain “Je Jon Premer Bhab Janey Na”. Youngest members of Kalpotoru achieved a puppet-themed dance. Three potential girls as puppets clearly combined a latest dimension to a normal art form popularised in in in between civic young kids by artist Mustafa Monwar. The opening was choreographed by Biju.

The prominence of a eventuality was a armed forces dance, called “Raibeshey”. It is believed which during a power of Raja Protapaditya (of Jessor region), there were around 52000 ‘Raibeshey’ who achieved this dance to progress a spirit of soldiers. Aside from personification a Bangla dhol, dhuli (dhol player) Shafiq constructed a array of bol during a performance. Amit, Bju as great as Arpita choreographed a much-appreciated piece.

Lubna Marium, ubiquitous cabinet member of Shadhona, emceed a event.

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