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The more the late, the more the harm

trains were carrying wagonThree wagon carrying fuel fell into canal from Chittagong Bridge on 19 June with the oil seeping started into waters. The trains were carrying wagon loaded with fuel Dohazari Power Plant. The ramshackle bridge near Gumdandi station located in Boakhali upazila collapsed when the train was on the way to Dohazari.Furnace oil is started seeping into the canal water and was spreading few kilometers down towards the Bay of Bengal.

Railway communication between Dohazari and Chittagong remained suspend after the accident. Since the railway rout is the only one available fir carrying fuel to the plant, the plant will run out of fuel for generating power. It became a threat to the surroundings environment and animals.

Railway officials’ estimate some 50000 liters oil spilled into the canal water and some of it drifted into Karnaphuli River.

The district administration, Railway authorities, environment department ad Chittagong port authorities are working with locals to recover the oil.

The oil has spread to Halda, one of the South Asia’s biggest natural breeding sanctuaries for carp fishes.

We hope, the related authorities take necessary steps as early as possible. Otherwise it created a great threat to our environment.

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