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The reason behind lack of female cyclists in Dhaka

Health conscious people around the world are promoting bicycle. Not only for physical exercise, but also because bicycle is an efficient and environment friendly mode of transportation. You can reach your destination comparatively quickly and easily even when other vehicles are stuck in traffic jam.
Bangladeshi youth are also embracing this healthy and environment friendly transportation gradually. Several cyclist clubs and training centers are working in the capital now. Participation of female is also encouraging. But unfortunately they are not continuing this habit.
What is the reason behind the apparent empathy to bicycle among female? According to a report by a foreign broadcaster, there are many factors which are discouraging women from riding bicycle in Dhaka city.
Yes there are aesthetic reasons, many young female cyclists avoid cycling because their skin becomes darker in sunlight. But the main reason is our society is still not ready to accept female cyclists. People are not familiar to with female cyclists, they stare on them with extra curiosity, which is annoying and uncomfortable for women. In many cases male motorbike riders and rickshaw pullers harass female cyclists. Conservative mindset is another problem. In some cases male colleagues question why a female have to ride a bicycle. In many cases relatives also criticize the matter, they think riding bicycle is against female dignity. But still there are some young and enthusiastic female cyclists who are determined to continue riding bicycle in the city and hoping for change in the society. They think traffic safety is an issue which must be addressed by the city authority.

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