RUET: Appoint VC immediately to end academic impasse

There should not be political programs that cause suffering to the public.

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The ruling Awami League and the opposition BNP are organizing events almost every day ahead of the 12th national elections. In a democratic society, any political party or organization can organize meetings and rallies to present its policies and plans to the people. However, they will have to take care that normal life is not disrupted due to these meetings and rallies.

Traffic congestion is a frequent problem in Dhaka, a city of 150 million people. When two major parties hold rallies on the same day, the situation becomes worse and people are getting upset since last few months. Rallies and meetings are taking place almost every day. Professional bodies have also taken to the streets with their demands. Moreover, the activities of VIPs have made the situation even worse.

Offices, educational institutions, factories and private organizations remain open on working days, thousands of people from these organizations come and go to work. Under normal circumstances, they already have to wait on the roads for several hours. Looking at this situation, it is easy to understand the worsening of the situation when large rallies take place in Dhaka.

Employees from various offices start their journey home in the afternoon and often reach home late at night due to traffic. Despite the recent opening of a section of the elevated expressway to traffic, a certain part of the city is experiencing stagnation rather than reduction in traffic congestion.

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