Those 11,573 BCS applicants will be allowed to sit for exam

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The Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC) introduced online form fill up system in the 33rd BCS exam for the first time this year. 7th April was the deadline. At the ending days there were some technical faults. So many people tried to fill up online form, which congested the network. 11,573 applicants filled up their online form successfully. But the failed to pay the exam fee due to some technical error of teletalk. Teletalk authority and the hopefuls requested the BPSC to extend the deadline. But BPSC refused to do so. At the end 20 applicants filed a petition to the high court.

Court stayed the 33rd BCS exam process for three weeks. There is another complain that some hopefuls paid their fees but they didn’t get their admit cards.

Now in line with the direction issued by the high court the BPSC has decided to allow those 11,573 applicants. Applicants have to pay their fees from 8:00am of 29th April to 10:00pm of 2nd May.

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