Those seven Bangladeshi mariners have only two weeks to pay ransom

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Somali pirates are notorious for their abduction business. These Somali pirates are so organized and they have some

sophisticated fire arms and ships. They abduct mariners from commercial ships passing near that region. These Somali

pirates are even competent in the deep sea.

Many countries including US, China, UK, France and India have deployed their naval ships in that region in a bid to stop

ship hijacking and abduction of mariners.

But the Somali pirates have continued their activities. They usually keep hostage for long time demanding ransom.
On Nov 26, 2010 a Malaysian ship was hijacked from the Indian Ocean with 26 mariners on board. Seven of them are

Bangladeshi. The pirates are demanding 0.7 million dollar ransom to release them otherwise they will kill them. They have

given only two weeks. The pirates have already killed an Indian national for failing to pay the ransom.

From a press conference at Chittagong, the relatives of those seven Bangladeshi mariners have appealed to the Bangladesh

government to take necessary action.

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