Tisha’s battle towards promoting folk culture

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A single episode drama “Jatrar Jatra” with Tisha in the lead role will be aired at 9pm tonight on NTV. A folk theatre in Bangladesh, Jatra was one of the popular entertainments in Bangladesh and the plot revolves around the dedication and fight of the youth of a village with the religious extremists to keep the ancient form of entertainment of Jatra alive among the people.

Once upon a time, the village of Shokhipur was famous for its Jatra. Eventually, the religious extremist group of the village tries to eradicate the art-form saying that it goes against the religious and cultural belief of the society.

A segment of villagers agree with the extremist group as they also had reservations regarding the lifestyle of the Jatra artistes. The youth of the village protest against the movement to banish the Jatra troupe and stand united against the injustice. In the end, they become successful in their endeavour to promote and preserve the rich heritage of Bangladesh.

Written by Tushar Abdullah, the drama also features Fazlur Rahman Babu, Shamol Moula, Dipu Baul and others.

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