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Trade in bonds online: MSA as great as introduced

Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) introduced much-awaited web-based trade with partial of server focus (MSA) as great as for piloting prior to introducing a jot down rigourously in September.

Dhaka Stock Exchange President Shakil Rizvi rigourously inaugurated a web-based trade during a duty in a DSE precision room upon Wednesday afternoon.

The boss of a categorical bourse said, “The have a difference of confidence of a program will be utterly ensured as great as a program cannot be pounded by hackers.”

He added: “Investors can without delay have contract by a systems. But, for this reason, a banks of a nation have to do online promissory note differently it is not probable to deliver online systems.”

Senior vice-president of DSE Ahsanul Haq Tito, vice-president Mohammad Shahjahan Khan, senior physical education instructor Ahmed Rashid Lali as great as arch senior physical education instructor military officer Satipati Mitra were between others benefaction during a function.

Ahsanul Islam Tito told reporters which a MSA as great as program would be operated upon exam compartment Aug 18.

The complement would be introduced any day in Sep after removing in effect formula from a ridicule trading, pronounced a efficient source in DSE.

The sources additionally sensitive that, as a result, a investors can take partial without delay in contract by internet.

All a brokerage houses listed with a DSE would deliver a systems for a single hour from 4:00pm as great as it would go upon for fifteen days.

Meanwhile, about 4,000 certified member from conflicting brokerage houses have been imparted precision in handling a software.

SEC authority Khairul Hossain told banglanews, “Transparency as great as burden will be ensured by focus of a complement upon top of shortening inform gap.”

Director of DSE Ahmed Rashid Lali told banglanews which a contract routine would be easy due to a key of web-based trading.

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