Transport bosses say no strike plans yet as concerns grow ahead of BNP's Dhaka rally

Transport bosses say no strike plans yet as concerns grow ahead of BNP’s Dhaka rally

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“We have not called a strike.”

Other transport officials also could not clarify the matter.

Abdul Malek, general secretary of the Mohakhali Inter-District Bus Owners Association, said he was not aware of any organization that has called for a strike around December 10.

“Whether it is an organization of employers or workers, we will hear of a planned strike,” he said. “But none of us have heard about the proposed strike from 8th December. Also, the Hon’ble Prime Minister has directed that no strike should be called before the 10th December rally.”

Transport owners and labor unions demanded a ban on three-wheelers on the roads and other issues during a strike called before BNP rallies recently.

But BNP leaders complained that leaders in the transport sector called the strike at the government’s insistence to prevent people from attending the rallies by blocking buses and other transport.

Leaders of the ruling Awami League, however, said they had nothing to do with the transport strike and that transport owners and workers stopped operating buses fearing possible violence during BNP events.

Owners’ leader Rakesh said they were tense as any political event creates unrest.

“Over the years, we have seen vandalism and burning of transport during political events. Transport workers were thrashed.

Road Transport Minister Obaidul Kader said there would be no transport strike in Dhaka.

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