Ukraine seeks global support for peace blueprint in Saudi talks

Ukraine seeks global support for peace blueprint in Saudi talks

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In an attempt to win over countries in the Global South, Western officials say they will insist that Russia abandon a deal allowing safe passage of Ukrainian grain through the Black Sea and launch airstrikes on Ukraine’s port facilities. Food prices have skyrocketed since the series of attacks.

“We will certainly be making this point loud and clear,” the European Commission official said.

Saudi Arabia has not commented publicly on the weekend talks, but Ukrainian and Western officials said the country’s decision to host the meeting reflected Riyadh’s willingness to play a major diplomatic role in efforts to resolve the conflict.

Saudi Arabia, along with Turkey, played a role in mediating a major prisoner swap between Ukraine and Russia last September.

Zelensky attended the Arab League summit in Saudi Arabia in May this year, at which Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman expressed his willingness to mediate in the war.

Another senior EU official said that Saudi Arabia has “reached out to parts of the world that (Ukraine’s) classical allies would not be able to reach so easily”.

US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan is expected to represent the United States at the talks.

US State Department spokesman Matt Miller said on Wednesday, “This is still the beginning of the process.” “Remember, there is still active fighting going on in Ukraine.”

Asked about the talks earlier this week, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Russia needed to understand their goals and what would be discussed.

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