Ukrainian leader hits out at 'jet coalition' on UK tour

Ukrainian leader hits out at ‘jet coalition’ on UK tour

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Sunak hosted Zelensky in the same Checkers Room used by Britain’s World War II leader Winston Churchill to broadcast speeches vowing victory over the Nazis.

“And in the same way today, your leadership, your country’s bravery and fortitude are an inspiration to all of us,” he told Zelensky.

After disembarking from a Royal Air Force Chinook helicopter, Zelensky, dressed in his signature suit, hugged Sunak and thanked him for the latest UK aid.

He added that the crisis is “not only a matter of security for Ukraine, it is important for the whole of Europe”.

The timing and focus of Ukraine’s high-stakes counter-offensive are unclear, but Zelensky’s tour of European capitals underscored the importance of securing Western heavy arms and ammunition to suppress the fighting.

France offered dozens more light tanks and armored vehicles, while Germany said it was preparing a new military package worth 2.7 billion euros ($3 billion) – the largest ever for Ukraine.

According to the UK government, British attack drones have a range of over 200 kilometers (125 mi), as a complement to long-range Storm Shadow missiles.

In another sign of tensions with the West, Russia said on Monday it had brought down a Su-27 fighter jet over the Baltic Sea to intercept two planes, one German and one French, that Moscow said He had attempted to “infringe” their airspace.

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