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Undergarment is part of costume, Radhika Madan

Famous Indian film actress and television personality Radhika Madan has initiated a new movement titled ‘Bra Dekho’ (look at my bra) before international women’s day. Talking to media, this young Indian actress has mention her school life experience, when she was bullied by other boys for wearing bra under her school uniform.
Like other girls Radhika was growing and as part of puberty she needed to wear bra under school uniform. It was for supporting her growing breasts. One day, she was wearing a colorful bra. A boy commented, ‘your bra strap is showing’. Radhika was very embarrassed to hear this comment, as if she has done a serious sin. She started to wear nude bra under school uniform so that bra strap is no more visible.
But now Radhika Madan has realized that, there is nothing wrong in showing bra straps because it’s part of women’s clothing. Women has the right to wear whatever they like. She says, its 21st century, it’s time to stop shaming women for bra straps. Those are designed to support women’s breasts, those are not indication of women’s character.

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