US will assist Bangladesh exporting potato

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USAmbassador of United States in Bangladesh has visited Munshiganj district yesterday. He said, he is the ambassador for all sixty four districts in Bangladesh and this is why he is visiting different parts of Bangladesh. He opined that Bangladesh is very rich in terms of arts, literature and culture and Munshiganj will be the next tiger of Asia because the district has a glorious past.

He visited some archeological sites of the district, some of which have a history of more than thousand years. He was briefed by government officials in DC office about the history, culture and industrial developments of the district.

Munshiganj is one of the top producers of potato in Bangladesh, he was asked about the prospect of exporting potato in US. In reply he said though his government will not import potato from Bangladesh but it can be done on private level and the process is already started. It will be clear in next week when all potatoes will be collected from field. He said Bangladesh produces potatoes of various sizes, trial of some special types of potatoes have already started in the country.

Local agricultural department has said that they are not informed about cultivating foreign potato seeds in that area, approval is required before using any type of foreign seeds.

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