Wetlands are being destroyed by illegal housing projects

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wetlandBangladesh is a land of rivers and canals. Especially Dhaka was selected as capitals about four hundred years ago because surrounding rivers & canals and canals flowing through Dhaka have given it an unique natural defense system from enemies.

Rivers, canals and wetlands are still necessary to protect the city from flood. Wetlands recharge underground water level. There are law and directive from the high court to save the wetlands. Every housing projects need environment clearance. Even RAJUK don’t approve any housing project without environmental clearance. According to department of environment presently only twenty one housing projects in and around Dhaka have environmental clearance. That means many of present housing projects may have been destroying the environment. Even RAJUK is ignoring the environment issue in some cases.

Satarkul canal, Uttara canal, Ashkona-Kaola canal and Balu river are already affected by various housing projects. The detailed area plan for the capital was finalized by RAJUK to protect wetlands, canals, forests, but that is virtually in cold storage amid pressure from developer companies. That plan was to protect water retention areas, wetlands, flood flow areas and canals of the capital.

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Shihab Uddin Ahmed

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