Why Bangladeshis hypnotized Argentina and Brazil

Why Bangladeshis hypnotized Argentina and Brazil

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In various surveys around the world, it has been observed that people choose a sporting side for a myriad of reasons. The most obvious reason is geographic affinity and success. People love the clubs in their area or city and most of them are there for the national side. And success has always attracted people to hop on the wagon. However, these are not the only reasons. It is observed that people often choose a certain team out of fascination for a player, maybe someone in the family likes a certain team. A team’s kit plays an important role in choosing a team for a child, even a fixed memory, as described by Nick Hornby in his bestseller ‘The Fever Pitch’, as early as Watching the match or its moments can also shine. A child’s loyalty for the rest of life.

One must remember that after membership in the faith-like club, people defend it vehemently. In the cases of extremists, they tend to lose sanity and sense of the team, despite being completely calm and rational in every other matter. Even if their favorite team plays poorly and does unwanted things, they don’t mind defending most of the time. Obviously, this apparently irrational attitude, which many attribute to the incredible mesmerizing power of football, also applies to fans of the national team.

So, we get to a picture of a fanatic and the reasons for being one. Now, we go back to our main question, why do Bangladeshis heavily support Argentina and Brazil?

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