Why Operation Clean Heart indemnity will not be declared illegal?

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“Why Operation Clean Heart indemnity will not be declared illegal?” the High Court has issued a rule to the respective authorities.

Operation clean heart was conducted from October 2002 to January 2003, when law and order situation in Bangladesh was deteriorated and the government was immense pressure regarding this. The government said police are failing because they have limitation in manpower, training and equipments. Modern day’s criminals have many modern arms to challenge police. There was allegation that police have collusion with criminals.

Government deployed armed forces and in naked eye the situation improved. But that operation was criticized for human right violation. More than forty people died in the custody of security forces.

Later the government declared indemnity. Now the high court says, it is contradictory to the spirit of the constitution. The court also asked the authorities, why it will not issue an order to create a compensation fund for the victims.

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