Woman gives birth of five babies in Bangladesh

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When a woman carries more than one fetus and gives birth of more than one baby that is called multiple birth. It’s common in many species, but rare in human. There are some instances of twins and triplets. Especially in the case of test tube baby it’s so common. But giving birth of more than three children is very rare. Till date giving birth of eight babies are recorded.

A woman of Gopalgonj Shimu Begum of 23 gave birth of five babies in a Khulna Medical College Hospital yesterday. This is called quintuplets, among the five babies four are girl and one is a boy. Doctors said all the five infants are in good health and their average weight is two kilograms but one of them is kept in incubator because of its underweight.

It’s time to see what steps are taken by the neighbors and the well-wishers of the family, because it’s not easy to handle five infants. In the western countries there is a practice that relatives help the family of twins and triplets financially or help them by giving some must buy commodities for the infants.

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