World Bank suspends Padma bridge Fund

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Implementation of the Padma multipurpose bridge-project as the consortium of the four lending agencies led by the World Bank become uncertain $2 billion has interrupted a Fund of $1.345 (b) for the project, to an allegation of corruption the bidding process for the appointment of construction monitoring consultant settled is.

Mohammad Mosharraf Hossain Bhuiyan, Secretary of the Division of “Bridge”, said new age who would not allow the World Bank, which was tendering the project continue, until corruption settled claim.

“The project is consultant, preparation of tender documents, and completion of a few other preparations, which are not connected to finance the payout in a phase of construction employment monitoring.” But we can not continue without these tasks, “he said.”

In accordance with the terms and conditions of the loan agreement, the main implementing agency, the World Bank need the bridge Division, approval of documents bid for construction of the other part of the bridge.

The decision of the other loan agencies interviewed, he said that the agencies had said to them, that game would advance them not with its loans for the project without the World Bank, although she very interested, invest in the project.

An official of the Division “Finance”, said however it was the World Bank hegemony that had the lending agencies, their loans for the project despite sufficient funds invest continue to refuse.

Bridge over the River Padma along with 3.68 km of land approach to connect viaducts on either side of the River, the country’s 19 southwest of the capital Dhaka is the proposed 6.15 km.

The project was originally developed by 2014 will be completed.

The crisis began as the World Bank an investigation into an alleged corruption the tender process in regional aid Canadian company SNC Lavalin Group Inc for the task of the construction.

Canadian authorities launched a checkpoint after a reference by the World Bank officials about the alleged corruption in the bidding process.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina ordered also a probe into the matter.

Bangladesh, but rejected the charges, which said that there no room for the influence of the Evaluation Committee bid in to award the contract in favour of a particular company.

The Government policy ensures agencies, including the World Bank, lending several times that it would granted no work at a company, which would be proven allegations of corruption, and calls to go the Bank with finance, after you deleted the undertaking from the bidding process.

The Government signed four different offers for $1 billion of the World Bank, $0.615 (b) of the Asian Development Bank, $0 billion from Japan International cooperation agency and $0.13 b from the Islamic Development Bank.

The Government has already Tk1. 0 (b) issued, prepare for the land acquisition, resettlement, compensation, setting up a service area, and the design of the bridge.


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