Yash Raj Films will not bring any change to the controversial film Gunday

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gundayYash Raj Films have confirmed that they will not bring any change to their recently released film Gunday. This Bollywood film is directed by Ali Abbas Zafar and this film misinterpreted the history of 1971 war. Storyline of the film says, Bangladesh was born as a result of India – Pakistan war in 1971. The film also says, Bangladeshis are arms smuggler and they like to introduce themselves as Indian. But the truth is India joined the war on December, 1971, though the war was started on 26th March in that year and it was the Bangladeshi freedom fighters who made the win possible. It would be a different story if US seventh fleet joined the war. But they abstained from attacking after threat from USSR.

Bangladeshi youths are angered by the misinterpretation of history, they are protesting through social networking sites. They have been sending messages condemning the film. Many Bangladeshis are giving low rating of that film on IMDb. In this situation Yash Raj Films have apologized for this, but they didn’t admit that there is a misinterpretation of history.

Amid furious reaction from the youth Bangladesh government was forced to send an official letter to its Indian counterpart condemning the film. The government officials also questioned that every film in India needs clearance from Central Board of Film Certification. Such a derogatory film should have been blocked there.

Indian officials are saying that they will give their reaction after examining the letter carefully. But Yash Raj Films authority has said that they can’t change the print of the cinema as it is on show in various cinema halls now. It seems they are not taking it seriously. Some Indian directors have said that Bangladesh is overreacting on this issue.

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