‘Marriage not in trouble’

Bollywood singer Shilpa Shetty has refuted reports that her matrimony is in trouble, observant that she as great as her father Raj Kundra have been holidaying in a US. She additionally says that she is not pregnant.

‘First you listen to am preggars (NOT true) Now you listen to my husbands havin an event frm a press. Common fr writings 2 bob low 2 sensationalise false,’ Shilpa posted upon her Twitter page Tuesday.

There were reports that Kundra had met a beautiful woman during a hair-transplant hospital in London as great as after means a hospital partner a European holiday.

But, a 36-year-old singer has denied a reports.

‘False news!grrrrrr:( 4 a record, my father as great as you have been holidaying in USA as great as r really happily married. Sorry 2 detonate a newspapers bubble,’ she added.

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