WHO seeks $2.5b for health emergency responses in 2023

Former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who serves as WHO’s ambassador for global health funding, said, “Specialized medical supplies and expertise are urgently needed if we are not to leave the sick to disaster, disease and death.” want.” “I want to urge donors to urgently respond to this emergency appeal for vaccines, drug treatments, equipment […]

There’s no easy way to get Pfizer’s Covid drug Paxlovid in China

After being approved in February last year, Paxlovid was barely used in China until December, when the government began to lift its strict containment policy, and a wave of COVID infections began to build. Uttar Pradesh’s supply boom Chinese officials have acknowledged that the supply of paxlovid is still insufficient to meet demand, even as […]

China reports nearly 60,000 Covid-related deaths in a month

This includes 5,503 deaths due to respiratory failure directly caused by the virus, and 54,435 deaths due to underlying diseases combined with Covid, Xiao said. Since abandoning its zero-covid policy in early December, China has been accused of downplaying the number of deaths from the virus. Health officials stressed on Wednesday that it was “not […]

China’s COVID fever and emergency hospitalizations peak: health officials

A Chinese health official said on Saturday that the number of Covid fever and emergency hospitalizations in China has peaked and the number of hospitalized Covid patients continues to decline. “Nationwide, the number of fever clinic visitors is generally in a declining trend after a peak in both cities and rural areas,” Xiao Yahui, an […]

Thailand takes U-turn on COVID vaccination rule for visitors

In November, it recorded 1.75 million visitors, quadruple the number received for the entire previous year when flights and foreign arrivals were limited. Anutin said Thailand was now expecting 7-10 million Chinese visitors, compared to an earlier estimate of 5 million. “This is a good sign for Thailand’s tourism sector…the country’s economy will recover rapidly. […]

Professor Gilbert, who designed the Oxford vaccine, advises governments to prepare for another ‘inevitable’ pandemic

‘It was a vaccine for the world’ During the session, Professor Gilbert shared his team’s thoughts on why they needed to partner with AstraZeneca to develop a vaccine. “We are a university and hence we will never be able to mass-produce the vaccine. We conducted manufacturing trials, but once we get the license, we will […]